Thursday, 29 August 2013

What is in the menu for wedding party favors ?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose perfect favors for your guest. I believe in giving favors, which stays last long or will be of some use so that the guests will remember your wedding whenever they see your souvenir. Favors are meant for mementos and that’s the reason I prefer for the favors which are small in size and easy to handle.

 I have chosen some of my favorites favors for the wedding, which I am going to prefer.

Toast glass: Toast glasses are available in the market in the set of two on which you can get printed your names or just the initials. Such favors will be useful for them and not only this; they will remember you every time, they use it. It’s not compulsory to get printed your names, you can even opt for some images like a heart or some text saying thanks.

Candle: In the market you will find n number of candles in different size and shape. Even you can get them in any color you want. Now days you can find candle with different fragrance options. For personalizing your gift you can opt for some text which you can get molded on the candles.

Miniature plant with a pot: I like this favor a lot as this is not only a gift but something more than that. Whenever your guest will see the plants gifted by you will always remember the wedding. And when seasonally that plant produce flowers, it will definitely bring smile on their face.

Beautiful glass Jars: This gift is the one which your guest will use in their household. And when you get them printed with some message using vibrant colors will enhance its value.

Even you can use favors matching with your theme. This will actually work as add-on for your themed wedding. I have seen people giving favors matching with their theme wedding like if you are planning for elephant themed wedding ,  you can give small mementos of elephant as favors.

What favors are there in your menu? Please share.

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